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About Nax Nordic

Nax Nordic has been up and running for over 12 years helping partners to build and reach their digital key targets. We have a long and proven history in Digital Media and AdTech together with App and Web Development. Many entrepreneurs and small to mid size companies have used us as their outsourced CTO and Tech Team. Over the years Funnel Optimization has become a greater part of our work with focus on Analytics, SEO/SEM, Data Driven Advertising but also Code adjustments to make the site or app run smoother and more efficient.

Erik Hamberg, Founder and CEO

Our Service

Many companies have used us as their entire outsourced tech team. We are ready to take on full responsibility for your digital presence but also to assist in specific issues that your are lacking staff and knowledge around.


Making sure you are measuring the right parts and segments of your digital presence is crucial for decision making. We will help you to set it all up, analyze the data and support you in strategic decisions. We are not only a strategic partner here, we are also very hands on in the exectution.

Funnel and Conversions

We buy a lot of digital advertising for our clients and evaluate how it behaves and optimize it for greater results. In combination with UX changes on your Site or App we strive to always improve the Sales Funnel and make it perform better and better. Start, evaluate, change and then start again. That is the process


During the years we have built a lot of websites for partners in the media industry but also for alot of e-commerce clients. If you have an idea and you do not really know how to build and launch it we are a partner that you can lean on. We have done this multiple times with entrepreneurs.

App Development

Our most recent projects have been the two fitness apps MyGreatness and Challengize. Our big team in Ukraine has built many different app that we are more than happy to show you as references


We help our clients with both technical and content based SEO. Creating more sales from SEO is a great and efficient way to increase your business but it takes some time


We help small to mid sized media companies to both sell and buy digital advertising. We have worked with many different Adservers, DSP:s and SSP:s during the years

Contact Us

If you fully want to outsource your data and tech team or just need extra hours to your existing internal team please reach out!

Sickla Allé 45, 131 65 Nacka, Sweden